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Buyers' Guide

  • Buyers' Guide: Construction Lasers

    What Are Construction Lasers?

    Construction lasers are used as an accurate level reference during any layout process. Typical applications include installing ceiling tiles and pools, landscaping, leveling floors, performing basic surveys, and even construction site grading.

    In surveying and construction, the laser level is a control tool that includes a laser beam projector which is affixed to a tripod, leveled and rapidly spun to indicate a horizontal plane. The laser beam projector has a rotating head with a mirror that sweeps the laser beam around a vertical axis. Some mirrors are self-leveling, while others can be manually adjusted.

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  • Buyers' Guide - GPS/GNSS

    What is GPS/GNSS surveying?

    As surveying equipment and software has become more intuitive and easy to use, many construction firms are bringing construction and building layout in-house on their jobsites, saving valuable time and money.

    Global Positioning Systems (GPS) – or Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) as they are called today – are space-based satellite navigation systems that provide location and time information anywhere where there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS/GNSS satellites. The GPS system is maintained by the government and can be freely accessed by anyone with a GPS receiver.

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  • Buyers' Guide: Total Stations

    Over the last decade, most contractors have moved away from conventional layout methods using strings, tape measures, chalk lines and batter boards, and have instead begun using total stations as a way to save time and reduce rework.

    Total stations enable contractors to measure angles and distances extremely accurately for laying out new construction and as-builting existing construction using discrete points. Available in both manual and robotic options, they use a solid well-proven technology that originated in distance measurement applications for the military. They have been used in surveying and engineering applications for many years. Now, these same instruments and technologies are being adapted for the construction industry.

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